lunes, 13 de abril de 2009

Friday, January 1st, New Year's Day- Saturday, April 3rd

77. As regards as Adrian's New Year's resolutions on page 50, there is one "I will study hard" that is the same as one of your resolutions. What do you think about them? Are they similar to yours this time?

78. Read the entry "Friday, January 8th". Why does Adrian compare his father with the USA President?

79. After reading the entries "Friday, January 8th" and "Saturday, January 16th", what can you say about Bert and Queenie?

80. Concerning the entry "Monday, February 1st", why does Adrian's mother give his father an ultimatum?

81. What happens at St. Valentine's day this year? (Page 51).

82. Read the entry "Monday, February 22nd". What does Adrian think it will improve his skin? Why?

83. Concerning all the entries on page 53, do you understand the reason why Adrian thinks Barbara Bayer is wonderful?

84. Do you agree with the following Adrian's statement? "I'm 15, but legally I'm still a child. There is nothing I can do today that I couldn't do yesterday".

85. What was Adrian's most embarrassing experience of his life?

viernes, 10 de abril de 2009

Tuesday, October 27th- Thursday, December 31st

69. Concerning the entries on page 43, mention three events which take place while Adrian is in hospital. Do you think he is very exaggerated?

70. Read the entry "Thursday, November 5th". Why does Pandora burn some of her old comics? Why is there a bonfire? Give me further information about this day in England.

71. Why do you think Adrian wants to marry Pandora in two years' time?

72. After reading the entries "Monday, November 23rd", "Wednesday, December 2nd"and "Thursday, December 3rd", what happens with the big phone bill?

73. As regards entries "Sunday, November 29th", "Monday, November 30th" and "Tuesday, December 15th", why is Adrian's mother back home again? What does Adrian think about his parents?

74. "Pandora and I had a private Mary and Joseph rehearsal in my bedroom". What do you think it's going on between them?

75. It's Christmas Day. What does Adrian give his parents as presents? And Pandora? What does Adrian think when he gets Pandora's present?

76. Read the entry "Thursday, December 31st". Adrian summarises his relevant issues of the whole year. Would you add another one in his diary?

jueves, 9 de abril de 2009

Thursday, October 1st- Monday, October 26th

64. As regards the entry "Thursday, October 1st", why is Adrian so ashamed of his spots?

65. Read the entry "Monday, October 5th". "Pandora says that women live longer than men. She says it's a bonus because women suffer so much when they're younger".Do you agree with Pandora's statement?

66. Concerning the entry "Tuesday, October 13th", what happens with Adrian's dog?

67. Adrian says he can't walk after his two-day survival trip, so he wouldn't go to school the following day. Would you do the same thing?

68. Adrian is going to have an operation. (From entry "Friday, October 23rd" to "Monday, October 26th"). What do people tell him about it? Why is Adrian ashamed of his father's behaviour all time?

Wednesday, July 29th- Wednesday, September 30th

60. After reading the entry "Wednesday, July 29th", what do you think about Adrian's grandma?

61. Read from the entry "Sunday, August 9th" to "Wednesday, August 13th". What is going on between Adrian and Pandora? What kind of reaction is Adrian having?

62. Concerning the entry "Monday, September 7th", where does Bert move now? Why doesn't he understand he can live in a dirty house?

63. From the entry "Tuesday, September 8th" to "Wednesday, September 30th", can you guess...
a) why Adrian is obsessed with his size (altura) and his "thing"?
b) why does Adrian think his father didn't pay his uniform?

lunes, 6 de abril de 2009

Wednesday, June 17th- Monday, July 27th

56. After reading all the entries from page 37, could you mention, at least, three things typical from a-thirteen-year-old child?

57. Why does Pandora think Adrian's father is a racist?

58. After reading the entry "Thursday, July 16th", can you say why Maxwell fell asleep soon?

59. Adrian and Pandora wrote each other while she is on holiday in Tunisia. Why do you think Pandora gave all her money to a poor man?

Wednesday, May 20th- Friday, June 12th

51. As far as the entries "Wednesday, May 20th", "Thursday, May 21st" and "Friday, May 22nd" are concerned, what happened between Adrian and Barry Kent?

52. Concerning the entry "Monday, June 1st", what does Adrian find out about Doreen Slater?

53. As regards the entry "Tuesday, June 2nd", what does Adrian laugh at?

54. Read the entry "Thursday, June 4th". What does Adrian's mother seem to be surprised at?

55. From the entry "Monday, June 8th" to "Friday, June 12th", can you answer the following questions?
a) What's going on between Adrian and Pandora?
b) Would you introduce your boyfriend/ girlfriend to one relative or old friend after having gone out only 4 days with that person?

sábado, 4 de abril de 2009

Wednesday, May 6th- Tuesday, May 19th

48. After reading the entries "Thursday, May 7th" and "Friday, May 8th", what do you consider the most funny thing about Bert Baxter's false teeth?

49. As regards Saturday, May 9th, find out the following information.
a) Why isn't there electricity at Adrian's house that day?
b) What does Mr. Lucas tell Adrian's father?
c) What does Adrian's father do after Adrian's mother and Mr.Lucas left?

50. Read the last three entries on page 32.
a) What's wrong with candles?
b) What's wrong with Adrian's father arriving late at his mum's house?